Watching in a Dark Room

While not a big fan of the paranormal movie genre, a regular release during the Halloween season this year will be missing.  The movie I am referring to is the annual release of the Paranormal Activity series.  It began on 2009 and this year’s installment was to be the uniquely named Paranormal Activity 5.  Don’t shed your tears yet because there will be a new movie released on January 3, 2014 titled Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  While this is the fifth movie of the franchise, the real Paranormal Activity 5 will be released on October 24, 2014.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with these movies they are based on a family that is haunted by a demonic entity that terrifies and kills several members of the family as well as other non family people.  The unique feature of these films is the filming of the movies themselves.  They appear to be footage taken from camcorders and security cameras that have been spliced together to tell the story apparently to give it a more “realistic” feel ala The Blair Witch Project from 1999.  Like I said, I’m personally not a big fan of these types of “real” haunted movies, what do you think about them?



  1. RICK CHECANSKY, October 5, 2013:

    I hate them ! They are so fake and the picture quality is very poor. The bouncing black light view doesn’t make it even seem real to me. I’d rather watch a good quality horror film.

  2. GARY TAYLOR, November 21, 2013:

    I dislike them also, if they are supposed to be so real I believe there would be a regular occurrences and more wildly spread involving law enforcement and so on. While I have an open mind to the paranormal I would rely on more facts I do not you can make the paranormal active just when you want to.

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