Robert ” Bob” Steiner, PNP

We’re sad to report news has just reached us that Robert “Bob”
Steiner, P.N.P., passed away early this morning (Jan. 4, 2013) in
California’s Bay Area.

Bob was passionate about his service to the S.A.M. over the years, and
was a fixture at Council meetings and Conventions. With a background
as a CPA and a member of MENSA, he had a keen, finely-tuned mind, and
could be counted upon to notice details at the that others might not
see. He was always up for a challenge, whether running for Congress
in New Jersey, tackling mind-bending conundrums, serving with the
likes of James Randi to debunk faith-healing charlatans, or just
enjoying the perfection of a new magic effect. He authored a book
“Don’t Get Taken” to expose con games, and toured the world exposing
those who used magic principles for supernatural claims.

Our deepest thanks to Bay Area magicians, and particularly Lance Snead
and the Compeers of Assembly 112 for providing care for Bob as he
faced incredible physical challenges in his life over the past few

Rev. Michael Douglass, P.N.P.
National Chaplain


  1. Patricia Ryan, March 2, 2013:

    I felt such sadness and my heart broke a little bit when I saw that Bob Steiner’s death notice , generated no comments . From the brief and loving obituary, that Rev, Michael Douglass , P.N.P wrote , I became aware of the overview of just one or two highlights about Bob’s enormous contribution to all of our SAM members and I would be VERY interested in a MUM article about his life, his magic and his commitment to improving the art of magic .
    It seems that he had a devoted assembly helping him in the last few years and even including real life medical challenges in a MUM article would help to round-out a better image for those of us who did not know him. I am an R.N.and a magician ( for 21 years) and corresponded with many magicians who wished the medical references that were impersonal could have been more more specific, For example ,rather than just mentioning ” he had blindness for 11 years ” , use a first- person commentary or response of how a medical condition may have affected his magic performance and needed to be adapted to still use that particular effect . Many mentioned to me, that they felt so lonely and alone, because articles and features are seemingly about magicians who are able-bodied.
    Well , Bob , I know the world of magic has lost a wonderfully altruistic man.
    God Bless you.

  2. Susan Gerbic, March 8, 2013:

    Robert will not be forgotten. I’m working on his Wikipedia page, which is how I just found this thread.

  3. Michael Ben-Edward, July 17, 2013:

    Darn-it,Bob. I should have kept active in 112 and as such could have had many more wonderful times with you and continued to unravel my Tax and Trust problems.

    I have lived too long, lost too many friends.


  4. Tim Phipps, October 29, 2013:

    My goodness. It must have been 35 years ago. I was a teenager performing at children’s birthday parties and a member of SAM in the Walnut Creek suburb of the SF Bay Area. Following our monthly meetings, a few of us would often go to a local restaurant for food and conversation. I remember Bob well and recall him fondly. I am sorry to hear that he has passed.

  5. Maziar Rahmani, March 31, 2014:

    Bob prepared my taxes for 2007. That is when I became acquainted with him. I had very many interesting conversations with him. He once gave me a book on English language that I have read several times. This book will always be on book shelf.

    He was a fine man. God bless his soul.

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