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The Society of American Magicians Magic Center Foundation

The S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation with the purpose of promoting and perpetuating the art of magic with a world-class magic center benefiting the Society of American Magicians and magic enthusiasts from around the world.

The facility is located in Parker, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) and features the National Magic Archives™, magic & allied arts museum, research library, performance theatre, and the world-wide headquarters of the S.A.M.

One of the major features of the Magic Center is to honor all magicians of the past and present with their acceptance into the National Magic Archives. Actual props used in magic acts and from collections are proudly displayed at the Magic Center and online with video clips, biography and written description of the magician’s contributions to the art of magic. Living magicians are encouraged to donate their magic props to the archives so they can be honored and remembered in the history books as a magician. Once a magicians passes on, they can be memorialized by willing their magic act and collection to the Magic Center or their family can donate the collection to the National Magic Archives.

Magic Center Doug Henning Collection

Future expansion of the Magic Center will include additional space for displaying magic collections and enhancing the research library. We will also featuring a spectacular audio/visual presentation and physical collection honoring the great names of magic including Houdini, Blackstone, Thurston, Henning, David Copperfield, Mark Wilson, Criss Angel and Siegfried and Roy. Unlike other magic museums and collections that are closed to the general public, the S.A.M. Magic Center is opened to the public and it is quickly becoming a “must-see” tourist attraction.


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The Foundation’s contact information is:

S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 505
Parker CO 80134


Exec. Dir., Dan Rodriguez, PNP: