Maurine Christopher

Maurine Christopher  passed away on Feb 28, 2013. – Maurine Brooks Christopher was best known as a writer and one time Radio and TV editor of Advertising Age Magazine. she was the wife of Milbourne Christopher (PNP -1957) who died in 1984. She kept his memory alive by pioneering the Milbourne Christopher Foundation whose awards each year, recognize magicians for their contribution to the art of magic. Mrs. Christopher was a life member of the S A. M. and belonged to Parent Assembly #1 in New York.


  1. Benjilini, April 4, 2013:

    We have lossed a unique woman who honored her husband’s legacy since his death back in 1984(close to 30 years). How many times did she invite me to her wonderful home in NY? How many times did she provide magical items for my young members group, and, to me as gifts? How many times did she list me in her many books? How many kind words did she say to me? How many times did I see personal items of Houdini, Milbourne Christopher’s, which included his personal files? How many times did we discuss magic via the phone, in her home, and at magical meetings? The answer is many, many times. I will miss her and her many treasures, I was privay to see, touch, examine, and keep. I will miss her kindness, forthright ideals, and LOVE for our art. I am happy I returned to her many personal treasures of Houdini which she mistakenly gave me. I could have kept it all, not reurn it. However, she was so happy that I did. I believe as she said, “If Milbourne was alive, He would have loved to meet you!”
    I know I would have loved to meet him but for now, I will always have the fond memories of his lovely wife, Maurine. Rest in Peace….

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