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The Society of American Magicians is a not for profit organization that welcomes monetary donations to further preserve and promote the art of magic. If you wish to contribute, please fill out the form below.
The S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund, Inc., founded in 1986, is a non-profit foundation for the advancement of the Art of Magic. The Fund was established by the Society to administer several charitable programs designed to promote magic and aid magicians.Since its inception, the Fund has distributed over $250,000 to promote interest in the magical arts, support a youth development program, provide for hospital benefits to need magicians and to provide scholarships and fellowships for magical education among adult and teenage magicians.
The Society of Young Magicians is the youth division of the S.A.M. S.Y.M. encourages and fosters magic studies for youth age 7 thru 17. Donations to this organization furthers education and materials for its members.
The S.A.M. Magic Center Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation with the purpose of promoting and perpetuating the art of magic with a world-class magic center benefiting the Society of American Magicians and magic enthusiasts from around the world.The facility is located in Parker, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) and features the National Magic Archives™, magic & allied arts museum, research library, performance theatre, and the world-wide headquarters of the S.A.M.
The S.A.M. Hall of Fame and Magic Museum, Inc., is a non-profit educational corporation, founded in l967. The facility, located in Hollywood, California, features several attractions including tours, performances, lectures on the history of magic and a library. The museum illustrates the history of magic from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century. Life-size figures of magicians are displayed performing effects for which they became famous.