Magic Summit Set for Vegas

This just in from a new concept in improving the magic club experience…

The Magic Summit is a leadership conference for magicians, focusing on strengthening magic clubs and improving the local club experience. It is sponsored by the Society of American Magicians and MAGIC Magazine.

The Summit is being produced by Stan Allen, Brian Daniel South, and Vinny Grosso, an independent team committed to the betterment of magic, specifically through the local magic club. The team is working closely with a number of individuals and companies to:

• Improve the local magic club experience. Individual clubs are the grassroots of the entire magic community. This is where passions are nurtured through the support of fellow magicians, face to face. It’s also where lifelong friendships are made.

• Bring together representatives from numerous magic clubs (S.A.M., I.B.M., and independents) to share the real-world challenges facing their group, as well as the positive activities that have moved their clubs forward.

• Generate interaction and friendship among the attendees through roundtable discussions, breakout session, and team-building activities.

• Consider the importance of leadership and forward thinking on the part of club officers, as well as members, and how that thinking can be shared and promoted.

• Emphasize the importance and value of developing true, lasting friendships and camaraderie among club members that extends well past the regular meetings.

• Benefit from an array of “Ted Talk” style motivational presentations.

• Have a great time, enjoying meals with fellow delegates, a fun lecture showcase and cocktail party, and even a unique twist on the traditional dealers room. (After all, we are magicians.

Since it’s a brand new concept, The Magic Summit is currently “under development” with lots of energy and ideas flowing. And you can be part of this exciting development. Let us know what your club does great, and what you feel your club could do better.

Although more details will be released as we get closer, rest assured there will be some surprises along the way. If you have ever attended one of Stan Allen’s MAGIC Live conventions, you know that he believes that magic is about surprise — and so are Magic Summits!


Please visit their website for registrations and details at


  1. Jann Wherry Goodsell, August 22, 2014:

    I am excited about the upcoming Summit. Although we have a great local Assembly, there is always room for growth. Plus, I want local groups to discover what National can do for them and what the locals can do for National. We all love magic; so let’s work together to promote fellowship with one another locally. Come to Las Vegas and “Share Your Magic”!

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