Hall of Fame

The S.A.M. Hall of Fame and Magic Museum, Inc., is a non-profit educational corporation, founded in l967. The facility, located in Hollywood, California, features several attractions including tours, performances, lectures on the history of magic and a library. The museum illustrates the history of magic from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century. Life-size figures of magicians are displayed performing effects for which they became famous.


Howard Thurston makes a magical gesture at the “Sawing A Woman In Half’” illusion in one of the many exhibits at the Society of American Magicians Hall Of Fame & Museum. (Photo: Warren Kaps)

One of the museum’s main features is the Herbert Downs Memorial Library, which houses an ever-growing collection of magic books, magazines and other historical materials. The Ronald and Ruth Haines Memorial Gallery houses one of the most extensive collections of playing cards in the world. The Hall of Fame Gallery contains photographs of the most famous magicians in history. There is no charge for visiting the facility; however, arrangements must be made in advance.


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