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The Houdini grave site at Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, New York.

The S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund, Inc., founded in 1984, is a non-profit foundation for the advancement of the Art of Magic. The Fund was established by the Society to administer several charitable programs designed to promote magic and aid magicians.

Since its inception, the Fund has distributed over $250,000 to promote interest in the magical arts, support a youth development program, provide for hospital benefits to need magicians and to provide scholarships and fellowships for magical education among adult and teenage magicians.


The Houdini Fund

Magicians who have fallen ill or have been injured may be helped through the Houdini Fund, an integral part of the S.A.M. Magic Endowment Foundation. The Fund will assist any magicians who are in financial need, with extra expenses normally not covered by insurance, such as nurses, oxygen, wheelchairs ,and other similar medical requirements. Funds are granted for comfort assistance such as in- hospital TV rentals and news paper delivery, outpatient aides and additional drug assistance. The Fund has paid for transportation to and from medical facilities. These are grants and not loans. Payments are kept confidential. All applications for assistance must be in writing and need to state your magical affiliation, the reason for your need and a letter from a doctor to certify that you are under medical care. Mail to:

Houdini Fund Trustees
1735 East 26 Street
Brooklyn NY 11229


Magic Camp Scholarships

Every year, the Endowment Fund grants scholarships for young magicians to study at magic camps across North America including Tannen’s Magic Camp, Sorcerer’s Safari, and Jeff McBrides School. To learn more about these scholarships and download an applications, please Click HERE.


Say Yes to Magic

Over the past several years, the Endowment Fund has developed an after-school program entitled “Say ‘Yes’ to Magic.” Through that program, youngsters are taught the history, techniques and skills of magic and are helped to use their imagination and self-confidence as they explore the wonders of magic. This program has been made possible through a major grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation.

The Magic Endowment Fund each year has awarded anywhere from two to five scholarships for summer camps to those children in financial need. In addition, fellowships have been granted to professional performers so they have the ability to travel and deliver lectures for the promotion of magic.


The Slydini Magic Fellowship Fund provides financial assistance to any magician who is confined in a nursing home or similar type of institution, as well as provides fellowships and scholarships for magicians who want to attend schools of magic.


The Harry and Trudy Monti College Scholarship Fund is a fund to provide scholarships for tuition and/or books to magicians who are adept in the field of magic, possess the potential of performing magic professionally, attend college as full-time students registered in a curriculum containing courses in drama/theater and business and/or marketing, in addition to having demonstrated academic achievement and financial need. To download an application, Click HERE


Through a matching grant, the Fund has established the Leslie P. Guest Memorial Award, created in memory of Past President and editor of “M-U-M,” Leslie Guest. The award is presented each year for the most outstanding contribution to magic and is a matching grant to every dollar contributed. A matching dollar is made by two donors. Through its endowment, the Fund has made annual contributions to the S.A.M. Hall of Fame and Magic Museum, Inc., in Hollywood, California.


Contributions are solicited from all those interested in magic. The Fund is a non-profit corporation and contributions to it are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 c 3.


For further information concerning the S.A.M. Endowment Fund, please write to the S A M Magic Endowment Fund, 18 Stoney Creek Rd, Hilton Head, SC 29928