Magician’s Got Talent?

Will a magician ever win on America’s Got Talent? Probably not. The truth is that magicians are judged on an entirely different level.
When a magician performs on this “reality” show, their performance is critically based on other factors besides talent. Things like:
Have I seen this trick before?
Can I figure out how the magician did it?
Does the magician look like he performs at kid’s parties?

To these judges, FOOLING ME = TALENT

Magicians are not alone by their mis-judging. Dancers and acrobats are more judged on if they survived and didn’t injure themselves. Performing “the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done” is not talent, it’s stupidity.

A true test of judging magicians would be watching their technical skill, their likeability on stage, their presentation, and their presence to name a few things. In truth, that is how all the acts should be judged.

While we are on the subject of magicians on AGT, I have to give kudos to the NY Bartender and Marine, Smoothini – The Ghetto Houdini. He essentially took a $5 magic set available at Toys R Us and absolutely wowed the judges.  Watch him HERE.  If we tried to do those tricks at a kids birthday party, you’d hear screams of ” I know that trick” or “I have that magic set!” Why was he such a sensation? He presented them as if they were the greatest magic illusions in the world. For 90 seconds, he pretended to be David Copperfield. It worked and made him a You Tube sensation with close to a half million views.

Why did the judges go crazy for him? His likeability on stage, his presentation, his smooth technical skill. …and they were fooled.


Gee…maybe there is hope.


  1. Matt, July 25, 2014:

    Sorry to make the observation — but This is a Big ‘so-what ?’ In that — if Magic does Not Surprise/Fool/Amuse — then what Else might it be ? boring, perhaps ! Magic MUST ‘fool’ or it is NOT MAGIC ! If you ‘know how it is done’ then no matter Why You Know — the ‘magic’ simply did Not Occur ! So, Bruce — upon What Other than Being Surprised/Amazed/fooled should We Be Judged ? First & Foremost — we MUST ‘fool’ — or, we may not be ‘nothing’ — but Magicians we are NOT !

    Only Another Magician could ACCURATELY assess how Technically Skilled another Mage is ! Who would be Able To Judge us on That except for another Compeer ???

  2. TAYLOR MARTIN, July 25, 2014:

    It’s one of the reasons I don’t like any talent contests, televised or not. Let me see the act in a club or a theatre “live”, not part of a competition, and then I’ll judge someone. But then I’m different in that I produce a show where I get to see that every month and do get to see a lot of them live.

    The acts themselves, not to misconstrue that any of the acts I present are “dead.”

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