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Jeff Carson

Festival of Magic TV Special Free!

William H. McIlhany and Todd Karr of The Miracle Factory offer you a free viewing of “Festival of Magic,” a revolutionary magic television special from 1957. This video belongs to the world as a record of some of the world’s greatest magicians on this show. The original, unique transfer was made by William H. McIlhany [...]

Michael Bloomberg Praises S.A.M. #1

Thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the following kind words about the  S.A.M. Parent Assembly: “Everyone knows that a good magician never reveals his or her secrets, but take it from this magical mayor-it’s hard to hide the fact that so much of the magic of New York City comes from the generosity of its [...]

The Most Interesting Man in the Room

Doc Swan is truly a one-man variety show. He does magic, mentalism, and escapes. He performs a wide variety of sideshow stunts, including fire eating, glass-walking, Blockhead, the hand trap, and sword-swallowing. He does chapeaugraphy, hand shadows, stilt-walking, lariat-spinning, and plays the musical saw. Doc is also a painter, a former drummer in a rock [...]

Autumn Morning Star | Native American Artistry

Her name is Autumn Morning Star. As Autumn’s beautiful name eloquently expresses, she is a Native American Indian. She is also an accomplished professional magician, award-winning illusionist, and cultural storyteller. There’s more. Much more. She is a native flautist, a traditional buckskin dancer, an award-winning stone sculptor, a regalia and beadwork designer, a published poet [...]

Disaster Relief Fund

HELPING  FELLOW MAGICIANS The Society of American Magicians  Magic Endowment  Fund assists magicians who have suffered losses from national disasters  such  as  earthquakes , floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires.  The Disaster Relief Fund  is  supported by donations from the magic fraternity and others.  Recent disasters have reduced the coffers and we need your help.  Any [...]

Al Cohen Story in M-U-M

Al Cohen will be honored at this year’s S.A.M. convention; but, who is Al Cohen? There is a generation of people with drawers and magic rooms filled with tricks courtesy of Al’s charming personality and his ability to make even a simple magic trick into a miracle of entertainment. However, since Al retired in 2002, [...]

Christian and Katalina – Married to Magic

Christian Painter and his wife Katalina were at the IBM national magic convention in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009. Christian was in the contest and was a finalist. His routines demonstrated “out of the box” thinking and I took note of his performances. At the awards presentation, all the finalists were standing on stage and names [...]

Six Lectures Announced for 2013 Convention

Mike Miller, talent  producer of The  Society of American Magicians,  announced  that he has booked six lectures to date for the annual convention  in Washington , DC (Arlington VA)  July 3-4-5-6 , 2013 .  More acts are still being added to this super event. Here are the lecturers already booked: Levent – His incredibly unique [...]