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Billy Scadlock – Details!

It’s early in the morning and a man slips quietly into a back lot make-up trailer to begin his transformation. There are no make-up artists around to help him; he will do this all on his own. He sits down in his chair, opens a can of Coca-Cola, and flips a switch that illuminates his [...]

Neil Tobin’s Supernatural Beginning and End

Supernatural Chicago is a live theater show starring Neil Tobin as your Necromancer. With a dark smile and a pleasant voice, he is your expertly dressed facilitator into the chilling, spirit-filled realms of haunted Chicago. Tobin and Supernatural Chicago have received wildly favorable notices over the past decade from such respected sources as the Chicago [...]

Hofzinser Lives!

After ninety years of entrenched knowledge, it is no easy task to shake and overturn facts that have been spread as seeming gospel in countless articles, periodicals, books, and other publications. Given this state of affairs, I hope the reader will forgive me the many citations in the following chapters and the notes necessary to [...]

Magic Saved My Life

A magician stands at a fork in the road. One path leads to magic; the other path leads to dangerous behavior, possible incarceration, and possible death. (So, let the reader be warned.) Chris Westfall is a remarkable magician in more ways than one. On the surface, he seems fairly ordinary; an arsenal of card tricks, [...]

The Most Interesting Man in the Room

Doc Swan is truly a one-man variety show. He does magic, mentalism, and escapes. He performs a wide variety of sideshow stunts, including fire eating, glass-walking, Blockhead, the hand trap, and sword-swallowing. He does chapeaugraphy, hand shadows, stilt-walking, lariat-spinning, and plays the musical saw. Doc is also a painter, a former drummer in a rock [...]

Autumn Morning Star | Native American Artistry

Her name is Autumn Morning Star. As Autumn’s beautiful name eloquently expresses, she is a Native American Indian. She is also an accomplished professional magician, award-winning illusionist, and cultural storyteller. There’s more. Much more. She is a native flautist, a traditional buckskin dancer, an award-winning stone sculptor, a regalia and beadwork designer, a published poet [...]

Michael Goudeau: A Magician’s Best Friend

Several years ago, Michael Goudeau and I sat around atable with Penn Jillette, Teller, and Johnny Thompson brainstorming ideas for a TV special called Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End. Creating material for this special was challenging because much of the magic would be performed under water. Someone (it might have been me, I [...]

Dal Sanders: Our New President

In The Book of Secrets, John Carney says, “Creativity is play.” If you accept that as truth, then Dal Sanders is playing at life. I do not know of another person so full of creativity. While most of you may know Dal as a magician, he is constantly working on creating magic, writing books, and [...]

Al Cohen Story in M-U-M

Al Cohen will be honored at this year’s S.A.M. convention; but, who is Al Cohen? There is a generation of people with drawers and magic rooms filled with tricks courtesy of Al’s charming personality and his ability to make even a simple magic trick into a miracle of entertainment. However, since Al retired in 2002, [...]

Underground Magic Comes to Washington

At the S.A.M. national convention this summer, attendees will be presented with a unique opportunity: the chance to session each night with six talented, up-and-coming, young close-up magicians. The sessions will start (as all good sessions do) late in the evening (after the evening shows) and will probably go until the wee small hours of [...]