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Conde Ropherman – M-U-M’s Cover Story

It is nine o’clock in the evening; Dr. Rodríguez bids farewell to his last Thursday evening patient. He takes off his white coat and leaves it on the back of a chair at the meeting table at one end of his office. While he loosens his characteristic bow tie, he once again looks around. Part [...]

Magic – Taylor’d for You

“India-noplace” and “Naptown” have both been used todescribe Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to city planners and cultural benefactors, Indianapolis is no longer the town in the middle of a cornfield. Visitors have found the city teeming with a variety of arts and entertainment, thanks in part to individuals like Taylor Martin; his life’s goal is to [...]

Mat Franco’s Got Talent!

You know the kid. You can pick him out in a room full of SYMers. He’s not the one that is there just to learn the secrets. He’s the one who walks around the room taking in all that is offered to him. He asks a lot of real questions and makes you show him [...]

Martin Gardner’s100th Year

On October 21, it will be one hundred years since the birth of the mastermind, Martin Gardner, a man so well known for his original thoughts, creations, and writings, that he hardly needs introduction. He was interested in many areas – mathemat- ics, puzzles, philosophy, physics, logic, skeptical inquiry, and pseudoscience. But throughout his very [...]

Obie O’Brien – A Force of Nature

“Do you believe in miracles?” The above sentence is synonymous with one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. It occurred in 1980 at the Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York. The United States national hockey team, made up mostly of amateur players, defeated the Soviet Union national team, which had won [...]

SAM’s Woman of Many Hats

WHAT IS MANON? a. A region in Northwest Spain b. A French opera c. A popular female name in Quebec, Canada d. The ultra-friendly Society of American Magicians’ National Administrator It’s a trick question, because the answer is “all of the above.” Here is another question: Who was the National Administrator before Manon Rodriguez? You’ll [...]

KENRICK ‘ICE’ MCDONALD: Imagination – Compassion – Excellence

So you think you know ICE McDonald? Think again. Yes, he has been featured on a half-dozen covers and in dozens of articles in magic magazines, and has also starred on national and world television. ICE has received numerous awards and has performed in nearly a dozen countries. But there is much more to the [...]

Outta Control with Tony Brent

Tony Brent is the star of the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. It has been runningat the Wonderworks amusement park for the last fourteen years. Wonderworks is a building that, as you walk up to it, looks like it was thrown from its foundation and landed upside down due to some sort of cataclysmic [...]

Magical Moments with the Spanglers

“The whole thing was Alfred’s fault!” Alfred Carlton Gilbert was a magician and inventor who, back in 1909, provided supplies for magic shows. Bruce says that it was that darn picture on Gilbert’s Mysto Magic Set box that changed his life. The picture showed a rabbit in a hat, a ball and vase, colorful hanks, [...]

Christopher Carter Messes with Your Mind

A few years back, my wife and I were sitting in a hip, stylish theater in Chicago, waiting for the show to begin. The show was produced by and starred Chicago mentalist Christopher Carter. The stage was filled with a sprinkling of interesting props; posters of various mentalists through the ages were hung behind, like [...]