Broken Wand – Parker Swan


PARKER SWAN        (1928-2013)

C. Parker  Swan died peacefully  in his home  in  Northborough , Mass  November   16.
Parker was a Life Member  of The Society of  American Magicians and has been a member for  53 years. He was the Dean of  Assembly #16  and  its  1992  “ Magician of  the Year”. His interest in magic  began with a “Mysto Magic Set”.  From  1942  to 1946 he worked at the Holden Magic Shop in Boston  for Herman Hanson.  While there he learned  his performing skills, met many famous  magicians and made  many  lasting friendships.  For many years he performed in New England  and developed his comedy talent. We all remember his hilarious convention routines performed with his wife Claire.  Their acts included  “Prunes of all Nations”,  “Fruits I have Worked With”  and  his lecture  “How to Force a Watermelon.”   Parker also invented the small Doll House assembled in front of his audience which produced endless silks,  streamers and flowers. In addition to his sidesplitting magic performances, he spent time as a valuable player in The Society of American Magicians; serving  as RVP,  on  the  Convention  Site Committees  and as Chairman  of the Commemorative  Stamp Committee.   He is survived by his wife Claire, two daughters and a son.


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