SAM 2015 Performers

  • SAM Philadelphia July 1,2,3,4, 2015 SAM Philadelphia July 1,2,3,4, 2015
  • MONDRE (MIKE DOUGLAS) | Las Vegas MONDRE (MIKE DOUGLAS) | Las Vegas Heart and Soul of Magic
  • JAMAHL KEYES | Indianapolis JAMAHL KEYES | Indianapolis Heart and Soul of Magic
  • ERIC ANDERSON | Atlanta ERIC ANDERSON | Atlanta Heart and Soul of Magic
  • RAN’D SHINE | Philadelphia RAN’D SHINE | Philadelphia Heart and Soul of Magic
  • PUCK | Central Florida PUCK | Central Florida Heart and Soul of Magic
  • Miguel Puga | Spain Miguel Puga | Spain Piano Pasteboards Lecturer
  • Juan Luis Rubiales | Spain Juan Luis Rubiales | Spain Magic of Spain
  • Hector Mancha | Spain Hector Mancha | Spain Magic of Spain Lecturer
  • Woody Aragon | Spain Woody Aragon | Spain Magic of Spain Lecturer
  • Mario Lopez | Spain Mario Lopez | Spain Magic of Spain:


Heart and Soul of Magic

Ran’D Shine: In the time that it takes you to read these words, Ran’D has already read your mind and likely figured out which card you will pluck from the deck a week from now. With the flick of a wrist, the Philadelphia native has become a global phenomenon by wowing the most diverse and wildly appreciative audiences for more than a decade.  His unique style and presentation so impressed President Barrack Obama that he was invited to be a special performer for the “Salute to Heroes” at the 44thPresidential Inauguration Banquet and Ball in 2009 and 2013. Shortly thereafter he headed across the Atlantic to Capetown, South Africa where he performed his one-man show, “Mysterious Ways”, which was also selected for 20 performances at The South African National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa.  As his fans will so gleefully attest, he is so much more than a magician… he is an entertainer!  Find out why Ran’D is one of the most sought after college performers in the industry.


PUCK As an America’s Got Talent semi finalist, Puck is quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts in the country.   He has been featured at such venues as The City Hall Theater in Hamilton Bermuda, The Magic & Mischief Theater in Orlando, to major Cruise Lines such as Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. He’s a regular at Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running magic show and the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Although the effects are classic, this talented illusionist adds a new and fresh feel to all that he does. Puck’s enthusiastic approach is unique and truly entertaining. You can tell by watching this illusionist perform that he truly loves what he does.


Eric Anderson Is one of the best kept secrets in the world of magic.  He has performed in almost every situation/venue you can think of such as: street performing, night clubs, comedy clubs, restaurants, corporate strolling magic, after dinner corporate events, country clubs, tradeshows, theater shows, radio, television, and even a prison! In addition to performing, Eric co-authored the highly acclaimed magic book “A – Ha”, a collection of some of his real world tested material.


Mondre From the moment he takes the stage, It’s obvious to see why Mondre aka Mike Douglas has been called one of the smoothest practitioners of the Art of Magic. He’s a Magician’s Magician. Mondre is the first and only African-American Magician to win the prestigious Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo, an invitation only magic competition sponsored by Prince Albert and the Royal Family of Monaco. Today, Mondre continues to win the respect of his peers by bringing the age-old art of Sleight-of-Hand into the 21st century with a style and grace that can only come with years of practice and Mastery. His performance is sure to excite, delight and mystify the senses.


Jamahl Keyes Broadway Musicals, Jazz, and Magic is what you’ll get when experience the magic of Jamahl Keyes. His love affair of theatre was birthed when he was just a child when his parents had tickets to a Broadway musical and was not successful in finding a babysitter to watch young Jamahl, took him along.  Years later he was introduce to the world of magic where he would combine the ascetics of theater with prestidigitation.  Jamahl will have you singing with laughter with his controlled chaos on stage while performing astonishing feats of magic. Jamahl Keyes has been performing for more than 20 years and had made appearances on several TV shows and shared the stage with celebrities such as Joan Rivers, The Staler Brothers and Ben Vereen just to name a few.  His Broadway Magic act has made him one of the most entertaining acts in the business


Magic of Spain: Close Up

Juan Luis Rubiales: Juan Luis is a great magician in Close-Up Magic: with Coins, Knives… Member of the Madrid Magic School (EMM), Jornadas Cartomágicas del Escorial attendant and direct student of Juan Tamariz and León Camacho. First Spanish Close-Up Magic National Award in 2005, First Magic Valongo Portugal Award in 2006.

“He is very creative, he has an authentic and unique style. Like his Magic, authentic and genuine, a real marvel.”- Juan Tamariz


“His Magic is absolutely brilliant.”- William Kalush

Mario Lopez: Mario Lopez was born in Jaén (South of Spain) at 1986. They say when he was 20 years old Magic appeared in his life. Since then he didn’t stop learning and performing in a lot of places worldwide. From theatres and restaurants in Spain to streets and the jungle in Perú. In his second attempt for leaving the snuff, Mario Lopez decided to do Magic with Cigaretts to quit his adiction. With luck, nowadays he smoke not too much, but he actually has a new adiction called: Magic with Cigarettes. With his act, he won the 1st place in the most recent  “MacMillan’s” International Magic convention in London, the Kevin Ray Trophy in 2013.

Hector Mancha: Hector Mancha is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in card magic, parlour magic, pickpocket, shadows  and improvisation. He has such prestigious awards as: Spanis National Champion in Parour Magic 2010, North-American FISM Grand Prix in close-up 2011, Silver Medal of the SAM (Society of American Magicians) 2011, Ascanio Award to Magician of the year in Spain 2012.

Woody Aragon: Named by many as one of the greatest card magicians of the new generation, Woody Aragón is above all an incredibly entertaining magical performer. Mr.Aragón has appeared on international television programs in Spain and the United States, has been cover in the prestigious Genii magazine, and has worked in the best specializated magic theatres and festivals around the world. His book A Book in English as his set of DVDs Woodyland are bestsellers, and his many awards include: 2005 – Spanish Champion of Card Magic; 2006 – Awarded the Ascanio Award for the Magician of the Year; 2011-  1st Place McMillan’s International Convention Award (London, UK); 2011-  Award of Merit International Brotherhood of Magicians (Dallas, USA); 2011 –  2nd Prize in Card Magic at the FISM North-American Championships; 2011-  The Society of American Magician’s “People’s Choice Award” and “Excellence in Close-Up Magic” Awards (Pittsburgh, USA).

“Woody Aragon IS a great show. Bravo!!!” – Conan O’Brien

“Woody Aragón has officially raised the bar.” - Eric Jones

“His  magic is so clever, crazy and clean… – the man should be required to wear a lab coat. Need a solid kick in the brain? Go see Dr. Woody!” - Pit Harling

“Woody… You’re the best!!” – David Blaine

“He’s a rising star. For the next 70 or 80 years we will have plenty of Woody’s creativity, wit, energy and Magic. I am sure of this because of his enthusiasm, his work, and his undeniable intelligence. Every time a better artist, a great person, and nobody’s fool!”- Juan Tamariz

Miguel Puga: World champion Magic (FISM 2003 THE HAGUE / FISM 2000 LISBON), Miguel Puga, affectionally known as MagoMigue, is the artistic director of entertainment for the HocusPocus International Magic Festival in Granada. Creator of the first Spanish theater company that promotes the development of illusionism as performance art, Puga, since 1997, has spent over fifteen years creating shows “dramágico art”. As cultural manager he has also created and directed the annual International Festival HocusPocus Granada Magic for twelve seasons (2002-2013). This festival has become a landmark of the genre in Europe. MagoMigue has performed in the U.S., China, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Korea, Colombia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Italy and Spain. In 2013 opened the first school in Granada in Andalusia called HocusPocus Magic Magic School.


Variety Show


Andy Dallas


Lee Germain and Judi have been performing magic for over twenty years. Lee and Judi have received national acclaim for their Comedy Illusions and have won numerous awards for their presentation and originality within the magic arena, including the coveted Terry Seabrooke Comedy Award at the 1995 Society of American Magicians Convention.



A talk/video about African American Magicians History

Andy Dallas on his Zombie (extra cost lecture)


More to come…