About the S.A.M.

ice Website photoA Note from the President

It is my honor to welcome you on behalf of The Society of American Magicians – the world’s oldest and most prestigious magic organization.

The links on your left will help you to learn about our Society – its history, its mission, its programs, and its benefits.  You can even get a free sample copy of M-U-M Magazine, the monthly publication of the S.A.M., available to our members in both print and electronic formats.

If you like what you see, join us!  Houdini, Blackstone, David Copperfield, and more than 47,000 other magicians worldwide have helped to preserve, elevate, and advance the art of magic as S.A.M. Compeers.  Together, we learn, share, and grow in our knowledge and ability, and enjoy the fellowship of others, locally and around the world, who share a love of magic.


Kenrick “Ice” McDonald
National President 2014-2015



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