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Conde Ropherman – M-U-M’s Cover Story

It is nine o’clock in the evening; Dr. Rodríguez bids farewell to his last Thursday evening patient. He takes off his white coat and leaves it on the back of a chair at the meeting table at one end of his office. While he loosens his characteristic bow tie, he once again looks around. Part [...]

Late Night Underground Sessions Back by Popular Demand

At the S.A.M. national convention this summer, attendees will be presented with a unique opportunity: the chance to session each night with four talented, up-and-coming, young close-up magicians. The sessions will start, as all good sessions do, late in the evening after the evening shows and will probably go until the wee small hours of [...]

Intimacy at the SAM Convention Theater

The Harry Houdini Theater at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown will afford all a visual intimate experience. SAM Show Producer Mike Miller, says “Due to the costs, we simply cannot use an outside theater for our Gala Shows. So we will create an intimate theater in the hotel.” The Harry Houdini Theater will consist of a [...]

The S.A.M. 2015 Philadelphia Convention is a Wise Investment

A very wise man from Philadelphia said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” You can be wise too. Go to Philadelphia for the Society of American Magicians 2015 convention, July 1-4. Save 2,500 pennies if you register before January 1, 2015. It only makes “cents,” do it today! The S.A.M. is 2015’s intimate and [...]