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Magic – Taylor’d for You

“India-noplace” and “Naptown” have both been used todescribe Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to city planners and cultural benefactors, Indianapolis is no longer the town in the middle of a cornfield. Visitors have found the city teeming with a variety of arts and entertainment, thanks in part to individuals like Taylor Martin; his life’s goal is to [...]


The Society of American Magicians Magic Endowment Fund voted funds to spearhead the forthcoming  cleaning and reparations  to be made by the Houdini Gravesite Restoration Committee  established by the Society.  Chairman David Bowers announced that initial work would  be  done to repair and replace  missing and damaged gem stones on the mosaic at the Excedra.   [...]

Magic History at S.A.M. 2015 Convention in Philadelphia

The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) was founded in 1902 in the back room of Martinkas Magic Shop in New York City, and W. Golden Mortimer was their first President. Harry Houdini was the organization’s 11th President, serving from 1917 to 1926, and he was instrumental in taking the organization to a National level, helping [...]

Levitating through Magic Week

For this year’s Magic Week festivities, Chairman Shaun Rivera created “Magical Moments in Time” requesting that at a certain time during the week, magicians were to levitate something. Here are some photos that were sent to us showing the “lighter than air” activity. If you have a photo from that week levitating something, please forward [...]