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Mat Franco’s Got Talent!

You know the kid. You can pick him out in a room full of SYMers. He’s not the one that is there just to learn the secrets. He’s the one who walks around the room taking in all that is offered to him. He asks a lot of real questions and makes you show him [...]

Ray Goulet to be Honored in Philadelphia

Raymond Goulet, owner of The Magic Art Studio and Mini Museum of Magic in Watertown, Massachusetts, will be The Society of American Magicians 2015 Convention Guest of Honor. The convention will take place in Philadelphia, July 1-4, 2015 When the annual Society of American Magicians Convention comes to Philadelphia, July 1-4   2015 at the Marriott [...]

A Day of Levitations on October 26

October 26, 2014 at 7:00pm CDT-*  “A Magical Moment in Time” will commence when all performing magicians of the Society of American Magicians in the  U.S and Canada will present a levitation  at their performances.   Watch for dollar bills , paper roses, silver balls ,  tables or even volunteers from the audience  to   float in [...]