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SAM’s Woman of Many Hats

WHAT IS MANON? a. A region in Northwest Spain b. A French opera c. A popular female name in Quebec, Canada d. The ultra-friendly Society of American Magicians’ National Administrator It’s a trick question, because the answer is “all of the above.” Here is another question: Who was the National Administrator before Manon Rodriguez? You’ll [...]

Magician’s Got Talent?

Will a magician ever win on America’s Got Talent? Probably not. The truth is that magicians are judged on an entirely different level. When a magician performs on this “reality” show, their performance is critically based on other factors besides talent. Things like: Have I seen this trick before? Can I figure out how the [...]

Convention Contest Winners Announced

The results of the three contests held at the St. Louis convention are listed below.  We thank all the artists that participated in the contests.  Congratulations to the winners! North American Champion – Stage: Trevor & Lorena Watters (Canada) North American Champion – Close-Up: Shin Lim (Canada) People’s Choice – Stage: Hun Lee (South Korea) People’s Choice [...]

Jeff Carson